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I am the founder and owner of The Good Step Mother. As a working step mom who had no idea what she was getting into, I felt like a lot of dynamics in my family life were chaotic and out of my control. So I went looking for answers on the tried and trusted internet to understand these complicated circumstances. Instead of finding answers, I was overwhelmed with the negative discussions surrounding step mothers. I could not allow this to be my reality.

So I created my own digital space to encourage myself in the role of step mother and to connect with other like minded step mothers. I wanted to be an example of a good step mother. In creating content for my digital space, I have made connections with all types of individuals involved in blended families and it has been a positive experience thus far.

Would you like to join the community? Let’s connect!

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One of my main goals with The Good Step Mother is to provide solutions that can elevate the experience of being a member in the blended family. I realized it’s not just about the step moms, but it’s about every one in the house hold. Each member plays a part in the outcome of the family’s success.

One of the problem areas I came across was the lack of organization and communication within blended families. A “normal” family is already a lot to handle, but when you mix in children with a whole other life outside of the home, it can get complicated. So I created “insert name here” as way to help families stay organized and aligned in every day living.